Aasen Bloedoorn

Aasen Bloedoorn

Audio Engineering and Production

I’m an Audio Engineer and Music Producer from Charleston, South Carolina.  My parents were music lovers and had over 2000 records spanning from Elvis Presley, to James Brown, to the Ohio Players. This made my childhood unique in the fact that I was influenced musically by a wide range of styles and artists.  After my parents separated, their record collection got split in half and I moved away to stay with my mother and  grandmother. In middle school, I attended Rollings School of the Arts and was classically trained on the violin for the next 8 years. Upon reaching high school, I became interested in production and my friend gave me a copy of the music production program Fruity Loops. But like all beginners, my music wasn’t widely accepted in the area I lived. To prevent my beats from going to waste, I began rapping and singing over my instrumentals. This led me into the underground music scene where I met a local producer named Gdot. Gdot indirectly taught me how to set up my own home studio. Since that moment, I’ve been engineering and searching for that “perfect sound”.

What I bring to the table are innovative ideas and production plans that, if marketed properly, can help make Vindicate Media a household name.  Imagination is one of the most important aspects to creating something unique and memorable. My imagination, along with my detail-oriented nature and ear for perfection, make me an extremely valuable asset. Also, not to be understated is my network of producers, DJ’s, and visual artists. So while I may not be able to do everything myself, I am confident that through my network, I can meet and exceed all production needs and expectations.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail directly to talk about any projects you may have in mind: aasenbaudio@gmail.com
Additionally, you can throw me a friend request on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acen89

You can check out some of my audio work by clicking here: Audio Engineering and Production by Aasen B