Anthony LaRocca

Anthony LaRocca

Photography and Videography

Hello my name is Anthony LaRocca. I grew up in Ohio and remained there my entire life until just recently moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue a film degree from Full Sail University.


Approximately 5 years ago, I got my first DSLR. Since then, I pursued photography as a side hobby. Along with photography I began to make small videos with friends while going through high school. At the time however, I didn’t really imagine it being something I would end up doing for a living until just recently when I made the decision to attend film school.  I would say that I am fairly new to all of this mainly because its something I didn’t imagine happening. I have certainly learned a lot during this past year and half and continue to do so each and every day. I have had a lot of amazing opportunities this past year. I am excited to see where the road takes me later in life as I build my experience in Film and Video production. I am open to a wide variety of jobs and since I am still in school, I am taking this opportunity to learn as much as I can. I bring to Vindicate Media a skill set that is constantly building. I have developed solid skills in photography, videography, and editing and I continue to build upon those skills. It is a great pleasure being a part of the Vindicate Media team and I am happy to offer up my skills and services for a multitude of jobs.

Check out some of my work at the links below:



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