Jay JO2 Toth

Jay JO2 Toth

Graphic Design and Web Design

My name is John Toth, but everyone calls me Jay. I started designing graphics in 2005 by learning the basic tools in Adobe Photoshop. I’ve also been a hip-hop artist for longer than that. I just didn’t have the funds to pay someone to create professional looking flyers or CD covers for me, so I took it upon myself to watch tutorial videos covering every aspect. After a few years of learning the basics, I started creating my very own graphic work. I have worked with many people such as Sixx Digit, C-Fifth, HiZe, Level One Bar, Hush Showgirls, Amie’s Pizza Factory and many more. On top of doing music, I want to be noticed with my unique style by creating elegant, modern graphics. Getting a design from me will definitely give you that push towards the right promotion. Anyone can throw something together, but if you have me help give you that push, people will definitely know you for the design. I love drawing with pencil and paper, and I feel that graphic design is just like drawing only with a mouse and keyboard. I’ve recently just started dabbling in web design as well and have set up my own artist website.

You can check out some of my work at the following links:

Graphic Design

Web Design